Bernick, Gustav (1883 – 1933), Kaufmann

Younger brother of Hermann Bernick

Gustav Bernick, born in Dahlenwarsleben 1883, who already had stayed in Qingdao from 1902 to 1904/05 and had returned in 1907, also left Qingdao in 1909 and apparently went to Tianjin and then Manchuria, where he worked for the H.P. Newman company. When war started, Gustav went to Qingdao and participated in the defence during the siege. Therefore he was prisoner of war in Japan from November 1914 until 1920. After that he remained in Japan and worked in the firm Dobrovolsky in Kobe, but later returned to Harbin, where he was coproprietor of the Bernick & Münster company. He died through typhoid fever in Harbin on June 11 th 1933, only 50 years old. He left a widow and a young son.