Jaeschke, Paul (1851 – 1901), Gouverneur

Paul Jaeschke

Born 4. Aug. 1851 in Breslau as son of the banquier Otto Jaeschke. Died Tsingtau 27. Jan. 1901. Visited gymnasium only to the 10th class (Einjährigen Prüfung).

Entered the navy as midshipman (Kadett) in April 1868.  With the schoolship “Niobe” from July 1868 until June 1869 to the African islands and Westindia.  Sub-lieutenant in 1872 (Leutnant z.See). From 1872 until 1881 steadily changing appointments to command on land and on board.  Was during that time in different regions, also Westindia. Lieutenant-commander (Kapitänleutnant) in 1881.  In 1881 he became referee on the torpedo trials. From 1886-88 he was in East Asia as commander of the canon-boat SMS “Wolf”. Became Korvettenkapitän in 1888. From 1888-92 in Kiel as commander of the torpedo-department.  From 1892-95 in Berlin in the naval ministry as chief of the central department. Captain  (Kapitän z.See) in 1894. In April 1895 appointed commander of the heavy cruiser “Kaiser” and brought the ship from Germany to East Asia. In the spring of 1896 he visited Jiaozhou Bay. In May 1896 he was called back to Berlin as chief of the foreign department in the Supreme Command of the navy. On October 10th, 1898 he was appointed the second governor of Jiaozhou Leased Territory, but arrived in Tsingtau only on Febr. 18th,1899.

    In 1875 Jaeschke was on board of SMS “Augusta” in Westindia, also visited the island St. Thomas, were he became engaged with Helenita von Lindemann on 2.12.1875. She was the niece of the German consul Wantzelius in St. Thomas. The marriage took place on 29.1.1879.

The couple had one son (Hans) and one daughter (Editha). Mrs. Helenita Jaeschke had been born in Lima on 12.11.1859 and died in Hamburg 16.7.1893.

      On March 24th,1900 Jaeschke married in Hongkong his second wife: Helene Wollny. On January 27 th, 1901 Jaeschke died from typhus. He was buried in the European cemetery of Tsingtau. In his honour Cape Evelyn, on the south side of the entrance to Jiaozhou Bay, was renamed Cape Jaeschke.