Miss, Conrad (1871 – 1946), kaufmännischer Direktor bei F.H.Schmidt

Conrad Miss was born on March 8 th, 1871 in Krefeld. His father was a factory-owner, the factory produced cigars.  Conrad started as apprentice in the factory of his father, but then went as businessman first to Switzerland, then around 1896 to the city of Bukarest, capital of Rumania. He stayed there until 1901. There he created, together with Mr. Scheller,  an own company, which had the the name: Scheller & Miss. He was the business director of the firm, the engineer Scheller was the technical director.  

In 1897 he married in Bukarest Ida Marie Ruppel (born there on Sept. 26 th, 1879, daughter of a German watchmaker and jeweller from Dresden). There he came in contact with the underground building company F.H.Schmidt (from Altona), which engaged him and Scheller  from 1899 until 1901 to suvervise the buildings of bridges in Rumania, to which the F.H.Schmidt Co. had been commissioned by the Rumanian government. In 1901 the F.H.Schmidt company sent Conrad Miss to Tsingtao, where it had since 1899 a branch-establishment. Miss stayed in Tsingtao until June 10 th, 1912 as business director of the firm. The technical director was always an engineer. According to the address books he changed often the apartment, in which he lived with his family. From 1901 until 1902 he lived in the apartment house of his company, which was on the compound of the firm on Hamburger Strasse, corner with Kronprinzen Strasse. In 1903 he lived in Bismarck Str., 1905 in Prinz Heinrich Str. 146, from 1908 until 1912 in Hohenloheweg 243. (Dies Haus steht noch.)
Conrad Miss in 1912 returned to Germany and lived in Freiburg i.B. After the first World War he moved to Hamburg, where he was manager of a cosmetical firm. He died in Hamburg January 24 th, 1946.  His wife died in Hamburg August 31 st, 1953.
Conrad Miss and his wife had 5 children:

1) Kurt, born in Bukarest 1898. He returned to China in 1925 as businessman for the largest German chemical trust, the IG Farben, which in China had the name: DEFAG.  From 1930 until Dec. 1952 he lived with his wife and 4 children in Shanghai.  One daughter of him is Mrs. Ingeburg Schulz, born 1933 in Shanghai.   

2) Bruno, born in Bukarest 1900, died in Tsingtao July 6 th, 1901.

3) Edgar, born in Tsingtao 1902

4) Herta, born in Tsingtao 1908. She later married a Mr. Rinneberg.

5) Rolf, born in Tsingtao 1908   (Herta and Rolf are twins). In the beginning of the 1930ies he returned to China as employee of the firm Anz & Co. in Chefoo (Yantai), later was independent businessman in Tianjin.