Poetter, Karl (? – 1919), Bauunternehmer

Karl Poetter had been called to Qingdao in 1900 by Hermann Bernick and had become co-proprietor of the underground building firm (Tiefbaufirma) “H. Bernick & Poetter”. His wife Elisabeth came to Qingdao in 1901 or 1902. After the firm had been divided in 1909, Poetter was the sole proprietor of his firm. During the period 1900 to 1914 he acquired quite a few parcels and had houses built on them. The couple Karl and Elisabeth Poetter had no children and lived in the Hamburger Road. When war started, the couple stayed in Qingdao and Karl participated in the defence efforts as member in the “Landsturm” (veteran reserve). Therefore he was not imprisoned by the Japanese after Nov. 7 th 1914. As late as January 31 st 1916 he was arrested and brought to Japan as POW, where he died in the camp Ninoshima on July 3 rd 1919.