Truppel, Oskar (1854 – 1931), Gouverneur

Born in Katzhütte/Thuringia 17.5.1854 as son of  pastor Johann Christian Truppel and Bertha Schwartz (died 1860).  Later the father was pastor in Eichfeld near  Rudolstadt (died 1860).  Visited gymnasium in Rudolstadt.

Entered the navy as midshipman on 31.5.1871.  Appointed as sub-lieutenant in 1874. Between 1871 and 1886 steadily changing appointments on land and on board. He attended the following voyages: 1871-74  Westindia, Northamerica, Mediterranean. 1876-78 Westindia, Central- and North-America. 1879-80 Istanbul and Turkey. 1883-86 voyage around the globe. From October 1894 until Dec. 1897  in the Supreme Command of the navy in Berlin. On 1.7.1897 he had been appointed Korvettenkapitän. In Dec. 1897 appointed commander of the small cruiser SMS “Prinzeß Wilhelm”, which at that time was in Tsingtau. Truppel left Wilhelmshaven by escorting the III. Seabattalion on the troop-transporter “Darmstadt”, which arrived in Tsingtau at the end of January 1898. Before he could board there his warship “Prinzeß Wilhelm”, he had to serve as commanding officer of Jiaozhou Leased Territory from February 11th to April 15th, 1898. On that day the first governor, Carl Rosendahl, arrived in Tsingtau. From April 1898 until July 1899 Truppel was commander of the small cruiser “Prinzeß Wilhelm” in East Asia. On 22.3.1899 he had been appointed captain. From July 1899 until April 1901 he was in Berlin, chief of the military department in the naval ministry. Because  of governor Jaeschke’s death on 27.1.1901, Truppel was designated on 20.2.1901 as the third governor in Tsingtau. He arrived there on June 7th,1901 and was governor until May 14th,1911.  During that period his rank was steadily raised: on 3.4.1905 he became rear-admiral, on 17.9.1907 vice-admiral, on 27.1.1911 admiral. Truppel left finally on 14.5.1911 on board the warship SMS “Gneisenau”. On 19.8.1911 he was pensioned and on the same day was knighted, so that his family name now was “von Truppel”. He lived with his family in Berlin-Frohnau, where he died on 20.8.1931.

    Truppel had married in Bremen on 13.5.1891 Anna Müller-Sauvalle, daughter of G.H.Müller, Bremen-Habana und Léonie Sauvalle, Habana. Anna was born in Bremen 11.1.1868. The couple had 2 sons and one daughter. The eldest son Heinrich died, when he was only 13 years old.